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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

Amber Conner

Phone- 304-232-0705


Stud Contract


Stud Breed: Chihuahua


Stud Name:__________________________________________________


Stud Registered:__________________________________________________


Stud Registration Number:____________________________________________________


Stud Fee:_______________________________________________________


Dam Breed:______________________________________________________


Dam Name:______________________________________________________

Dam Registered:__________________________________________________


Dam Registration Number:____________________________________________________






I,____________________________, hereby certify that the female to be bred is in good breeding condition with no known or unknown venereal diseases and/or defects.  If said female does happen to pass venereal disease to the stud dog, I am liable for those costs incurred to cure him of the disease or if he can no longer be used as stud, no more than his purchase price.  I also hereby certify that I understand pregnancy and whelping can be difficult on the female and in no way is the stud owner liable for loss of pups and/or female while in this condition.


Stud Owner Signature / Date:_______________________________________________________

Dam Owner Signature / Date:_______________________________________________________