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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

Amber Conner

Phone- 304-232-0705




Breeding Guidelines:

1.) Female MUST have a clean Brucellosis test prior to breeding.

2.)    Female must be in good breeding condition.Any sick/underweight/unhealthy females will NOT be bred.

3.)    Notice at bottom of the receipt MUST be signed by the owner of the female to be bred otherwise she will NOT be bred. This is to help assure stud owner that the owner of the female understands the inherent risks of pregnancy/whelping and that stud owner will not be held liable for loss of the female and/or pups while in this condition. It also allows for stud owner to be compensated for medical expenses/loss of use of stud dog if female passes him a venereal disease.


4.)    Payment is upfront.


 5.)    I prefer the female to come to my home to be bred. If she cannot be brought to my home let me know. I may be able to make arrangements to bring my male to you.


 6.)    Please no children or other pets to distract the breeding pair while mating is taking place.


 6.)    If you prefer, the female may be left with me for up to five (5) days (at no cost to you) to increase chances for conception. Please bring some of her food with you. If you wish to leave her for longer than five (5) days look at the female care options on next page.



I,__________________________________, hereby have read and understand these breeding guidelines, and agree to be in full compliance with them.