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This page is to show off my AKC and/or CKC registered FEMALE chihuahuas. They are NOT for sale!


AKC Champion Grandsired Valkyrie Verdandi's Ivory Rose
Champions in Pedigree: 47 in 6 generation pedigree
Alias: Ivory
Coat: Short Coat - should carry for long coat
D.O.B.: August 05, 2007
Color: Cream with White Markings
Weight: 4 pounds
Breeder: Kelley Cashen - Keljims chihuahuas
Sire's Name: Keljim's Fun Bobby O'Cole
Dam's Name: Keljim's Colina Marie of Cole


AKC Champion Grandsired McFlins Valkyrie Luvz Smores
Champions in Pedigree: 44 in 6 generation pedigree
Alias: Smores; Chez
Coat: Short Coat - should carry for long coat
D.O.B.:  May 31, 2008
Color: Chocolate/Tan Spotted on White
Weight: 4lbs. 8oz.
Breeder: Susan McMillion - Tornado Chis
Sire's Name: CH. Sired Blue Moon's Frito Bandito
Dam's Name: Shortstuf's Anyanka
Co-owned at this time with Susan McMillion


AKC E-Z Win's Vision Of A Valkyrie
Champions in pedigree: 10 in 5 generation pedigree, though lots more are pointed including her parents
Alias: Lorelei or Lorie
Coat: Long Coat
D.O.B.: October 27,2006
Color: Black Spotted on White
Weight: 4lbs
Breeder: Betty Dzatko & Tammy Dzatko - E-Z Win's Kennel
Sire's Name: E-Z Win's Sprint Kwatofu
Dam's Name: G-Nee's Lil Blu Nu-Tka


AKC Valkyrie's Cuteness Is My Virtue
Champions in pedigree: 38 in 5 generation pedigree
Alias: Cute
Coat: Long Coat
D.O.B.:  January 11, 2010         
Color: Chocolate with White Markings (irish marked)
Weight: 5 lbs
Breeder: me
Sire: McFlins  Fimbulvetr Vitki Rynsr Mimr
Dam: E-Z Win's Vision Of A Valkyrie


AKC HV's Kalliko Kat at Valkyrie SCM
Champions in pedigree: 0 in 5 generations
Alias: Kalli
Coat: Short Coat - carries for long coat
D.O.B.: May 28, 2010
Color: Black/Tan Merle Markings
Weight: 4.3 pounds
Breeder: Kathy J. Johnson
Sire: Paco Pretty Boy
Dam: HV'S Mia Koda

Pic coming soon!

AKC Kat N Valkyrie's BerryBerrytini
Champions in pedigree: 19 champs in 5 generations
Alias: Berry
Coat: Long Coat
D.O.B.: February 15, 2012
Color: Blue and Cream with White Markings
Breeder: Katrina Beard
Sire's Name: Kat's Logan Lorawgo By Bobbie
Dam's Name: Kat's Ariel Adrianna Angel


CKC Valkyrie's Autumn Windsong Sif
Alias: Winnie
Coat: Short Coat - carries for long coat
D.O.B.: September 14, 2006
Color: Red Spotted On White (does have blue markings and mask)
Weight: 5lbs 1oz
Breeder: Dee Rozell - Liberty Acres Farm
Dam: Deez Mari Mia
Sire: Tiny Tots Chicobee Dandy
  *** She comes from merle lines, but has never thrown a merle to date when bred to non-merle males. Has never been bred to a merle male.


AKC/CKC Valkyrie's Satin Socks
Champions in pedigree: 0 in a 5 generation pedigree. 4 in a 6 generation pedigree.
Alias: Socks
Coat: Short Coat
D.O.B.: January 9, 2007
Color: Black brindle with white markings
Weight: 5lbs 10oz.
Breeder: Me
Sire's Name: Gimli's A Bifrost BugBear
Dam's Name: Tornado Chis Muchacha Fiesta

If you have questions about any of these girls or their breedings/pups please contact me.Thank You.