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Many breeders and lovers of chihuahuas are starting to see more coat colors and patterns emerging. Some of these are Lilac,Lavendar,and Isabella. They are very beautiful colors. However, many experienced breeders have no idea what these colors are. This definition was taken from the Chihuahua Handbook, by D. Caroline Coile.

“Note, dogs with both b/b and d/d have a diluted tan gray color. This is appropriately termed lilac.” ***1

This refers back to color genetics. The b/b makes the dog chocolate and the d/d makes the dog blue. When both of these are combined, the blue is diluted even further and has a chocolate sheen to the coat.

***1 The Chihuahua Handbook. D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. Barrons Publishing, Hong Kong; 2000.

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Looking at this example which is an actual pup from this breeder pair, you can see that the pup us neither chocolate like the father or blue like the mother.

Since this is two recessive genes, it is harder to breed than the blue or chocolate alone. Also, you should NEVER breed two lilacs together, just as two blues or two merles should never be bred together.

Also, if the dog has a wash (c/c) at the C locus then the lilac is diluted even further into what is called a lavendar and isabella colors. Below is a picture of my lavendar girl Risi. She has a distinctly pinkish orange coat with blue highlights (also called apricot & blue) [apricot is a form of dilute chocolate] as well as a bluish pink nose and paw pads. As a pup she was also sabled blue. I don't have a picture of the isabella color yet. These dogs would be b/b, d/d, c/c.


To better decribe these colors I've added some of my own definitions and expanded on some of AKC's descriptions (below), to try and more accurately describe the colorings. Please remember that these colors can be very light or very dark and can vary with age,  but will never loose the highlight saturation.
*** These are for reference purpose only. Please check the breed standard for the definitive color description. ***
Lilac  - Blue with a equal saturation of chocolate highlights.
Lavendar - Apricot to red with a light to medium saturation of blue highlights. Dog appears pinkish/orange with blue highlights.
*** Please note that according to AKC both of the above colors would be considered chocolate blue (A 359).
Isabella (blue) - Silver with a equal saturation of  fawn.
Isabella (red) - Red with a equal saturation of fawn
Some other interesting colors are:
Blue Fawn - Fawn with a light saturation of blue highlights
Silver Fawn - Fawn with a light saturation of silver highlights
Apricot - Very dilute chocolate to red that resembles the fruit of the same name
Platinum - Very pale cream to blonde with a light saturation of silver or blue highlights
Lavendar cream -  Cream with a light saturation of lavendar highlights
Lilac cream  - Cream with a light saturation of lilac highlights
Red chocolate (red velvet) -  Red with a equal saturation of chocolate highlights
Lemon - a brilliant, medium-saturated yellow
Harlequin merle - Patched or pied coloration, usually black or gray on white with the characterized marbling effect of dark patches against a lighter background of the same color
Harlequin -  Patched or pied coloration, usually black or gray (and rarely a dark liver/chocolate) on white. Can have blue or merle eyes.
Mahogany - a medium-saturated, dull, reddish brown
Parti-Color - Two well-broken colors, one of which must be white. Colors must be in eual measure (50% color & 50% white)
 Roan (also called Belton or Grizzle) -  a blue-gray, iron-gray, chocolate, or red with the fine mixing of the colored hairs with white hairs
wolf sable - Silver or gray with black tips (no tan, white, or cream anywhere).
Cinnamon  - Like the color or the spice of the same name, this color is a lightly saturated, yellowish brown.
Chestnut - deep, heavily saturated, reddish brown (like the nut of the same name).
Cafe au Lait - rich, well-saturated light brown.
Buff  - Off-white to gold
Biscuit - a combination of light gray, yellow, and brown hues with medium brilliance and saturation (perhaps a gray-yellow)
Albino - A relatively rare, genetically recessive condition resulting in white hair and pink eyes.

Agouti - the alternating bands of light and dark along each hair in the coat.

Permission to use this information from TornadoChis website was given to me by Susan McMillion of TornadoChis.