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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

Female Care Options

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Valkyrie Chihuahuas

Amber Conner

Phone- 304-232-0705




Female Care Options:


These options are intended to help you with your breeding venture.




Note: When choosing a option, add the option price to the stud fee to get your total.





_______Option 1:

If you wish to leave the female for more than five (5) days, but less than ten (10) days the cost is seven dollars ($7.00) a day and you must supply her with food.



_______Option 2:

If you wish, you may leave the female with me for the duration of her heat cycle, usually three weeks. This option costs one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) and will include: a small bag of food and a grooming consisting of a bath and brushing before she is returned to you.



_________Option 3:

This option is called Puppy Deluxe and costs three hundred dollars ($300.00). It includes: a small bag of food, a small toy, a pregnancy test from my veterinarian, and a grooming consisting of a bath,brushing, and toenail clipping before she is returned to you.




__________  I am not interested in obtaining a female care option at this time.